Depression is a perfect ornament for a bruised soul.but it costs a broken heart and a traumatic past .

Some times I wonder why that one holds a special place among all emotions. I thought and thought and thought _finally I came to a profound conclusion.

All stories don’t have happy endings some may end with tears and some may end with memories. but the memories were the only things who makes some one’s past beautiful and who makes some one’s past vulnerable.

When your past had a story to tell , memories to reminisce , anxiety to scream .Then it would turn out to be an eternal depression and that makes you beautiful.


© Naveen kancharla ,2018


Dark angel

She was a dark angel

Bred up to spell the darkness

and to shake you out of your

dreams at witching hours.

Let me put her as a master

Piece in my poetry

I hope she brings the exquisite

To my withered Poesy

With her eerie darkness


© Naveen kancharla 2018

A torn page

I have written my heart out with full of


The demons in my mind refused to

relent ,and screaming for reprieve ,they

gnawing me alive shred by shred .

How could I conquer my demons when

She was reviving them frequently.

They made me a night

wanderer that led me to tread down

through the darkest moments. They

concealed the whole darkness of the

universe and trying to engulf my soul

There are days where my soul feels

better in intoxication ,there are days

where my existence seems

arduous ,there are days where I want to

howl for hours.

Now I lost the serenity of the sea,

tolerance of the ground , strength of the

mountains ,solace of the rain ,I became a

slave to my demons. I know I will end up

with a great full remorse .

She painted the

sorrows to my every phrase and

splashed my barren words with her Cupid


She was a torn page in my book with full

of demons and my heart was a

feather pen with full of traumatic

memories. Let me scribble them one by


Let me get rid off this torment tonight ,let

me scrawl a new phrase by bidding an

adieu to this world .

© Copyright

@ Naveen kancharla , 2018

( Forgive me for grammatical errors )

Let me drench in your salty ecstatic tears

When you curved your spine like a crescent Moon, my lips had metamorphosed into a feather pen to write the poesy on your starlight skin , I Poured my lust into  my Scarlet lips , now those are  quavering to quench their enormous anguish at you , let them paint their Scarlet on you from forehead to toes.let me hurt your salty naked skin savagely till the moon lose its shine ,till the stars lose their glow.


Naveen kancharla ,2018

My heart still has a place for you to stay

There is a wound in my heart that never heal.Never ever heal ,you tainted the sanctum of my heart with your cupid love ,it cracked into innumerable pieces ,it has lost it’s broken piece.But it still beating on and on , Every beat of my heart spurting crimson stained blood through that cracks , the veins in my heart are screaming for reprieve,but they crumbled to handle scarlet blood started seeping through the cracks of my sunken breast, this unbearable torment Ignting me to soak in tears and making my view like a Kaleidoscope view .It throwing me in the abyss of misery ,now my heart became so vulnerable and so sensible yet ,but still it has a place for you to stay .


Naveen kancharla,2018

I will emerge again

Let me bury my flesh into the ground , vulnerability, solitude had ruined my life and made me a soulless flesh , let me sown this soil with my body , every atom of my  body will sprout as a wild flower ,they will emerge with the Divinity of my soul, and bloom with the fragrances of my love


© Naveen kancharla